The United States Concealed Carry Association(“USCCA”) is an organization that strives to provide education, training and insurance-backed self-defense to its members, Americans who chose to subscribe to a yearly membership.  The USCCA “proudly support[s] a community of hundreds of thousands of patriots from all around the country…[so they can be armed] with the tools they need to safely and confidently protect themselves and their loved ones with the utmost peace of mind.”

The membership-based organization offers different levels of memberships but all include access to the USCCA’s Self-Defense Shield Program. This program was implemented by the USCCA to ensure that any member involved in a self-defense shooting would be guaranteed insurance backing. Through this program, the USCCA created a Critical Response Team whose sole purpose is to connect members facing a self-defense claim with an attorney from the USCCA’s Legal Network. The goal of the team is to provide members with immediate legal assistance the moment they find themselves in imminent need by providing upfront funds to retain and pay an attorney to secure fast action against all criminal and civil charges.

Education, Training and Insurance-backed Self-defenseThe USCCA does this by pre-screening attorneys from across the country to guarantee there is a local attorney in their law network for any member in need to contact. All attorney’s within the network have voluntarily provided their information to the USCCA, have vowed to be available during normal business hours, after normal business hours, on weekends, holidays, and on short notice to assist members in need of legal assistance at any hour.

Among the USCCA’s Law Network’s Critical Response Team members is Parker Scheer’s criminal defense attorney, Vincent A. Tofani. Attorney Tofani became a member of the USCCA’s Law Network’s Critical Response Team on January 11, 2018.  Attorney Tofani has represented individuals facing firearms related offenses in courts around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and aggressively fights for his clients, particularly their right to lawfully possess firearms. If you or your loved one is facing a gun-related offense, call Attorney Vincent A. Tofani for a free consultation regarding your rights today!