You can never know when you will be involved in a car accident. However, should you be involved in one, it would be in your best interest to hire a Boston personal injury lawyer to help you. 

After a car accident, you may be left disabled and unable to take care of yourself. Moreover, there may be huge hospital bills waiting to be settled. A personal injury attorney can help you get your life back on track.

What Are Your Rights After an Accident?

Boston law protects the rights of victims involved in auto accidents. According to the law, you are entitled to reasonable compensation for the damages you suffer from an accident. However, following up on your claim can be quite difficult at the time, as the reality of the accident sinks in. For example, should the injuries leave you permanently disabled, you may take a long time to accept the new reality. Moreover, with the paperwork and bills stacking up, you may not have time to handle everything on your own.

And this is where working with a personal injury would make sense. The lawyer will work on your case to make your life slightly easier after the accident. 

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Here are five reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney.

Avoid the Hassle

After an accident, you need to concentrate on getting better. However, you’ll also need to work on getting compensation. This means filling the necessary claims paperwork and following up with your insurance company or that of the party responsible for your injuries. When you bring in a lawyer to work on your case, you’ll have time to focus on your recovery and loved ones.

As the case progresses, you may want to file a lawsuit if the other party does not seem keen on offering fair compensation. Filing a lawsuit involves visiting different offices to fill out some paperwork. When you are injured, doing all the legwork of filing a lawsuit can be quite daunting. For this reason, you may want to hire a lawyer to help you. 

Your attorney can do the legwork of getting the paperwork, meeting with the attorneys of the party responsible for your injuries, and filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

Level the Playing Field

Personal injury cases can be quite complicated, and it is likely that the person responsible for your injuries will hire an attorney. Even if you are looking for compensation from your insurance provider, you should be ready to engage with appointed adjusters and lawyers.

When you hire an attorney to represent you, the insurance company will know that you are serious and stop playing games. Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance adjusters. Moreover, they are not afraid to pursue other options such as filing a lawsuit, especially when you have a strong case.

If you choose to engage the attorneys of the other party on your own, there is a high chance that you will be taken advantage of. Moreover, the insurance company will not take your claims seriously. However, the tables will turn when you have an attorney on your team.

Get Fair Compensation

In theory, filing a claim is supposed to be a straight-forward process. However, this is rarely the case. There are particular forms you have to fill to have a valid claim. Moreover, if you would want to take the case to court, you must follow particular processes and file your lawsuit in the correct court.

Unless you have gone to law school, you are likely to encounter various pitfalls that may deny you your right to be compensated. For example, if you file a case when the Boston statute of limitations has passed, you won’t get compensated.

A personal injury attorney understands all the legal procedures to be followed when filing a claim as well as a lawsuit. The attorney will move with speed to ensure that all the necessary papers are filled and that your rights are protected.

Experienced at Negotiations

Sometimes, the insurance company will accept liability for the accident and send an adjuster to give you an offer. At the time, you may think that the offer is fair given that your medical bills may be piling up. However, do not be quick to accept an offer, especially if you haven’t consulted an attorney.

Insurance companies know that most accident victims don’t know what they are entitled to under the law. For this reason, they try to take advantage of them, either by offering some lowball figures or outrightly refusing to honor the claims. 

Most attorneys that practice personal injury law have successfully negotiated settlements for clients over the years. The attorneys know how to deal with claims adjusters and the lawyers of the insurance company. Moreover, since the lawyers understand what you are rightly entitled to, they will not settle for less. A good attorney will advise you when it’s time to take a settlement or whether you should press on and demand a higher payout.

Avoid Compensation Pitfalls

Finally, working with an attorney will help you to avoid potential pitfalls in your quest to get compensation from insurance companies. 

There are many legalities that can arise when you file a claim. Moreover, if you don’t understand the law, the insurance company can use your mistakes to minimize the amount of damages to honor. For example, if you say a statement like “Well, I’m hurt but I’m feeling fine”, the company can use it to dispute that you were injured at all. This simple statement can be used to justify offering low compensation or no compensation at all.

On the same note, you can shoot yourself in the foot by failing to follow the correct procedures of filing a claim or lawsuit. For example, if you file a personal injury lawsuit in a bankruptcy court, it will be thrown out since the court has no jurisdiction over such cases. Also, skipping some filing procedures will waste time and you can end up getting caught with the deadlines of filing a claim provided for in the statutes of limitations.