In the early 1600’s, Boston was very much the central city of the New England region. The Puritan Colonist founded the city and laid the foundation for commerce, religion, education, and politics. The American Revolution began in Boston and the results caused lasting damage to the United States. There are cultural, artistic, scientific, and historical museums.

We have selected some of the most popular museums for your consideration. We urge you to take advantage of the variety of exhibits available to you when you visit the city. There is much to see and much to learn. Enjoy your time in Boston.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This museum is one of the largest in the region. The museum is unique in that it houses ancient art and modern art. There are 4 various dining facilities.

They feature exhibits from around the world. They have expert lectures, and offer arts and activities for children and adults. There are musical performances as well as movies for guests to enjoy.

The museum hosts cocktail parties and other social events for the public. Visiting this museum is an all-day affair.

Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is something for everyone adventure. From children to adults, interactive exhibits are everywhere you look. Learn about electricity and lightning, or any of the permanent exhibits. You can also enjoy the IMAX theater and the planetarium. There is a great food court and a gift shop.

New England Holocaust Memorial

There are many museums in New England that are educational and touching. However, there are few museums that are as heart touching as the New England Holocaust Memorial. You are lead along a path to the 6 glass towers and for just a few moments you are “tattooed” with shadows of the numbers branded on the victims of the concentration camps.

6 glass towers standing 54-foot high are lit internally with light that spans from top to bottom. On each tower, millions of numbers are etched which flicker with light. On each tower wall a survivor is memorialized.

There are 6 pits dug into the earth which are lined with black concrete. In the bottom of the black pit glows a flame.

The number 6 is used again and again in this memorial museum. It is a reminder of the 6 million Jews who were murdered. It reminds us of the 6 main concentration camps of unspeakable horror. It reminds us that the war lasted 6 years before it was stopped.

The Mapparium

This museum is unlike any other. More than 10-million people have visited this site since the construction of the 3 story globe of the Earth in 1935. LED lighting and track lighting show how time and global shifts and nature have changed the Earth. There are informative readings and music to add to this unusual experience.  It is very much worth visiting and you will never forget the experience.

Boston has museums about the Kennedy era. There are museums on boats that feature the Boston Tea Party. You will find train museums and museums that show the actions taken in this historic place it held abolish the cruelty of slavery. There are also Children’s Museums and educational museums for everyone. Visit Boston soon, and while you are waiting, look to the internet for many cyber museum experiences.