Most of us have heard of the famous Boston Common park. This is the oldest public park in the United States, founded in 1634. It is a 50-acre section of land that has a not so beautiful history. Over the centuries it was used to graze cows, to execute prisoners by hanging, as a post in the revolutionary war, as a place for protests, and even as a dump.

Today, Boston Common is a beautiful public park where people enjoy picnics, concerts, sports, and nature.  Before you embark on a journey through the city of Boston to see the wonderful parks, get an overview of where to look for historical locations that you could walk right by without knowing. When you see the significance of these places and how they all fit together, your visit will take on a whole new meaning,

The National Parks of Boston has three other main and important parks under their watch. These parks are spread across Boston and they very much intertwined the citizens who live in Boston. These parks are of national significance. The parks are not there for the people to visit as much as they are part of the communities that live there. What happens in the parks and to the parks are of vital concern to the citizens, The citizens work together understanding that altering one of the three, altars all of the three parks. The three parks are:

  • Boston African American National Historic Site
  • Boston Harbor Islands National State Park
  • Boston National Historic Park

It must be noted that The National Parks of Boston has hundreds of historic sites under their control. Therefore it is critical that all of the communities work together to keep Boston the historical gem that it is today.

Other incredible parks in Boston

  • Larz Anderson Park

In 1948, socialite Isabel Weld Perkins left her 17th-century estate in Brookline. This included 64 acres of beautiful land and a family collection of vintage automobiles. Enjoy the carriage house, the lakes, an ice rink, and plenty of sports fields.

  • Franklin Park

This 500-acre park spans three neighborhoods and includes a zoo and one of the area’s oldest  (public) golf courses. There are sports fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, bike trails, hiking trails, and just about anything else you can imagine.

  • Christopher Columbus Park

While this park is not huge or antique, it is beautiful. It is complete with playgrounds, rose gardens, walking trails and a beautiful landscape. This modern park fits right in with the beauty of the city. It is a great place for an afternoon with the kids.

  • Castle Island

While this is no longer an island, the views are spectacular and it certainly has kept the feel of the days of being an island. The pre-Civil War Fort is a main attraction and you can actually go inside for a look around. There is a great place to buy snacks or a burger. Don’t forget your fishing pole, there is some great fishing off the pier.

There are many other great parks in Boston, so plan on spending some there, but take a sweater. Summer doesn’t last long in Boston.