The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) defines workplace bullying as an ongoing mistreatment of one employee by at least one coworker that holds a supervisory, equivalent, or subordinate role. The WBI also defines workplace bullying as abusive conduct that is threatening, humiliating, or intimidating. Based on those definitions of workplace bullying, one can connect those actions to forms of personal injury as personal injury is a form of negligence. Some examples of workplace bullying include intentionally isolating an individual, repeatedly singing the same individual out, verbal abuse of the victim, threatening the victim with poor evaluations, mobbing, causing physical injury. These forms of bullying are caused by the negligence of another individual toward the victim and could potential require a Boston personal injury lawyer.

One thing to consider with workplace bullying is the difference between workplace bullying and harassment. While both workplace bullying and harassment are characterized by unacceptable conduct directed toward a specific person and both can indeed happen in the workplace. However, harassment is a pattern of behavior based solely on the victim’s race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, or sexual preference.

A survey conducted by WBI found results that demonstrated that most workplace bullies are men and women are the most common victims of workplace bullying. The survey also found that there is only one bully involved in instances of workplace bullying and that most of these bullies hold higher ranking positions. Hispanics were found by the survey to be the most targeted race for workplace bullying while African Americans followed.

The impact of workplace bullying on victims can be detrimental but also vary based on the length of time being bullied, the overall severity, and the resiliency of the victim. In many cases, victims of workplace bullying can experience post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, as well as depression which can transition into headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, aches and pains, and the inability to concentrate. Victims of workplace bullying also demonstrate a higher level of absenteeism than those who are not bullied as well as possessing a difficulty to maintain healthy relationships with those outsides of work due to their experiences within the workplace.

Correlation of Workplace Bullying and Personal Injury Claims

While those who have been a victim of workplace bullying may feel there is no course of action to help them for what they have experienced, the connection of workplace bullying and personal injury claims may provide them with legal support. Unlike with some personal injury claims that are rooted in a physical injury, that is not necessarily the case with workplace bullying victims. The victims of workplace bullying who have suffered from psychological damage that has impacted their ability to work, psychological damage that has impacted their private life, require prolonged assistance due to mental or physical damage, or experience post-traumatic stress permanently or for a short period of time is in a position to file a personal injury claim. To be able to file a personal injury claim, the victim must be able to provide clear evidence of negligence by multiple third-party witnesses. Additionally, a diary or logging of bullying and events of harassment would provide crucial evidence in a personal injury claim case. This logging of events during the time of being bullied in the workplace will essentially serve as an additional witness that provides testimony to what the victim has experienced at exact dates and times.

Whether one suffers from psychological damage or physical damage due to the negligence of another individual from workplace bullying, the victim deserves compensation. The compensation that they can be granted stems from general damages such as pain and suffering, mental trauma, and life-changing events. Those victims may also be able to receive compensation for loss of earnings, future loss of earning, medical expenses, and future medical expenses. Regardless if workplace bullying does not result in a physical injury that one may more commonly associate with personal injury, damage is still being done as a result of the negligence of another individual and those suffering should be compensated for these damages and losses. For the best results in a personal injury case, victims of workplace bullying should seek top of the line legal representation.

Workplace Bullying

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