Boston, Massachusetts is the place to go for high educational standards. This city draws the best of the best in students and the professors who teach them.

Boston ranks 4thin the United States for the number of students that attend there annually. It is only exceeded by New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Below we will give you some examples of the wonderful educational opportunities offered in this city. There are far too many to list on this board, but we hope to give you a clear overview of the educational system that is in place.

University of Massachusetts

Commonly known as UMass Boston, this university is the third largest campus in the 5-campus University of Massachusetts system. UMass Boston is a public research university. The oceanfront university has new dorms and state of the art equipment which is a huge draw for students. This is the only public university in Boston.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private ivy league university. This world-class facility strives for excellence. The university has trained many of the minds that have influenced the world.

Harvard was established in 1636 and the wealth that formed the facility ensured it would be one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Harvard has lived up to those standards.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

While MIT is often considered to be one of the elite Boston Universities, it actually is located in Cambridge which is just northeast of Boston. The Institute sits on 168 acres. This world-class facility designed the facility for the serious student and with limited distractions. MIT is the world leader in science and technology and only the strongest students will succeed. MIT other advancements in the fields of business and research. The competition to be accepted are among the highest in the world.

Boston University

Boston University was founded in 1839 and is an internationally ranked university. Nationally, Boston University ranks number 37. It is among the largest nonprofit universities in the United States. Boston University offers programs for virtually anyone. The possibilities are endless. Pursue science, mathematics, technology, medical research, or performing arts. There is a world-class program in your field of interest.

Tufts University

Located close to downtown Boston is Tufts University. It is a private university which includes Schools of Arts and Sciences, Schools of Engineering, Schools of Medicine and Veterinary medicines. This university was opened in 1852. It has Tufts University ranks in the top 40 universities in the United States and it has very high academic standards.

There is no doubt that Boston is a world leader in the field of education. The roots of academics run deep and the city has molded some of the greatest leaders in many fields. The costs of attending these ivy league colleges and universities are among the highest in the world. Financial aid is usually available to the student who has the portfolio to merit admission.

However, there are many very good colleges, universities, and programs for those who want to get their degree and pursue their goals outside of the ivy league. Boston is a city of opportunity. So find your road to success and go for it.