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Members of Parker Scheer's Real Estate Practice Group represent individuals and institutions in connection with the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties in Massachusetts, and all phases of real estate development and financing. Services provided by Parker Scheer real estate lawyers include preparation and review of purchase and sale agreements, advice on negotiation and financing options, real estate-related litigation, and other services related to real estate transactions. Parker Scheer real estate lawyers can also provide assistance in obtaining competitive financing in Massachusetts.

For more information about Parker Scheer's Real Estate Practice Group and the services we offer, contact us here or telephone us toll free seven days a week at 866-414-0400 and receive a response from one of our real estate attorneys within hours.

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For more information on real estate law, or if you need a real estate lawyer in Massachusetts, please email Attorney Ryan Kelly. If you prefer, you can also telephone our offices in Boston seven days a week, toll free at 866-414-0400.

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