Case Results – Dental Malpractice

Personal Injury Case Results – Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice – Ill-Fitting Crown Resulting in TMJ; $100,000

The plaintiff, a 37 year-old legal secretary, underwent the installation of a permanent crown under the care of the defendant dentist. Upon installation of the permanent crown, the plaintiff complained to the defendant that the crown felt too large and that it was uncomfortable. The defendant dismissed the plaintiff’s complaints and proceeded to install the crown With permanent cement. Over the course of the next two months, the plaintiff returned to the defendant six times for “occlusal adjustments,” which involved the grinding of opposing teeth to better accommodate the ill-fitting crown. The plaintiff went on to suffer a severe case of TMJ syndrome, which her subsequent treating dentists related to the ill-fitting crown. The case, which was assumed by Parker | Scheer after the plaintiff’s previous dental malpractice lawyer had given up on the case. The case was settled after a one-day mediation and one week prior to trial.
Trial report for this dental malpractice case.

Dental Malpractice – Endodontic Malpractice

This is a dental malpractice action arising from the defendant’s alleged negligence during a non-surgical root canal treatment performed on the plaintiff’s upper molar (tooth # 15).

The plaintiff alleged that immediately following the initial root canal procedure, the defendant endodontist took radiographs which showed a large collection of Zinc Oxide with Eugenol (“ZOE”) in the plaintiff’s left maxillary sinus. The defendant advised the plaintiff of the situation and expressed his opinion that the ZOE, a commonly used sealer/cement, would likely be absorbed over time, hopefully without consequence.
Trial report for this dental malpractice case.

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