Motor Vehicle Accident – Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear


On a Sunday in January, the Plaintiff was a auto vehicle operator, traveling east on Washington Street in Newton, Massachusetts. While driving on Washington Street near Walnut Street, the Plaintiff was suddenly, and without warning, struck from behind by a BMW auto, operated by the Defendant while in the course of his employment. As a direct result of the impact, the plaintiff’s upper torso was violently thrown about the interior of her automobile. Immediately following the collision, the plaintiff experienced sharp pains in her neck, shoulder, and back. Alarmed that the pain did not subside after 24 hours, the plaintiff presented to the Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Department for treatment.

After reviewing the MRI report and observing the plaintiff’s positive response to Xylocaine injected to her shoulder, a preoperative diagnosis of a right shoulder, partial thickness rotator cuff tear was confirmed.

The following April, the plaintiff underwent surgical repair of her torn rotator cuff. This surgery consisted of three procedures; arthroscopic acromioplasty, arthroscopic debridement of a partial thickness rotator cuff tear both articular and bursal sides, and arthroscopic debridement of a slap lesion. motor control and timing of her scapula to prevent subacronial impingement.

Auto accident-related medical expenses totaled approximately $10,000.

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